Saturday, February 4, 2012

New Arrivals

Teapot Bead Cap Set - Antique Golden
2-Piece set, Lead Free, Cadmium Free
Size about 21mm wide (appx. 7/8")

Pkg of 3 sets - $1.50

Use with a 10mm bead to make a cute teapot stick pin for that special card 
or scrapbook page.
Note:  The triple pearl stick pin and 10mm bead are not included in the Teapot Bead Cap Set.

Teapot Bead, Silver tone
Lead Free, Cadmium Free, 23.5mm wide (just under 1") x 19.5mm long (3/4"). 
#TPB-Silver - Pkg of 5 - $1.00

Note: The only beads that fit this silver teapot bead are:
ABME-WWS-12mm White with Silver Stripe Bead, and ABBB-11mm Baseball Bead.

Acrylic Bead, Metal Enlaced, White with Silver Stripe, 12mm wide
ABME-WWS-12mm - Pkg of 8 - $0.50 
This bead fits the silver one-piece teapots (#TPB-Silver)

Acrylic Baseball Beads, 11mm with 3mm hole
#ABBB-11mm - Pkg of 10 - $0.60
This bead fits the silver one-piece teapots (#TPB-Silver)

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