Thursday, April 14, 2011

Flatback Pearl Teardrops!

Yes, the long awaited flatback pearl teardrops are finally here... and in two sizes!

3mm x 5mm Teardrop Pearls, white only
Pkg of 90 - $1.00

4mm x 6mm Teardrop Pearls, white only
Pkg of 65 - $1.00

Note:  While these are only available in white for now, you can use a Copics marker and color the teardrop pearl to match your project. 


1CardCreator said...

Sound lovely Judy, I would love to see a picture. ~Diane

Vicki said...

OHHH these sound like the perfect addition to my stash! And I love the idea of being able to color them with copics hon!


1CardCreator said...

Gorgeous Judy, thanks so much for posting a picture of them!

Porcha Taylor said...

I was wondering are they hot fix because I make hair bows & need a fewfor a project

Judy said...

Porcha, the pearls are not hot fix, but many of the rhinestones are... I have both hot fix and regular rhinestones.