Thursday, February 3, 2011

Stick Pins

Triple Pearl Stick Pin
3.75" from top to bottom.

Colors:  Gold, Ivory, Hot Pink, White, Apple Green,

Pkg of 12 - $1.95
Pkg of 30 - $3.95

Gold and Apple Green are sold out. There are a few packages of 12 in Hot Pink left.  When they're gone, we will only have White and Ivory (available in both sizes.)

2" Dritz Stick Pins
Pkg of 24 - $1.00 

Colors: Teal, Pink, Green, White, Silver, Black, Purple, Gold, Red

Note: Gold pin is a medium gold; the picture below does not show the correct color.  The actual color is more like the gold color shown on the triple pearl stick pin (above).


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Ms. Jen said...

OH sure! The day after I order! LOL