Monday, January 10, 2011

New Baker's Luster Twine and more!

To see all of our Baker's Twine, go to "Twine" in the category section of the home page.
Baker's Luster Twine in Solid Colors.
This beautiful twine has a luster sheen that will be a great addition to any of your projects.  

Please note:  We have begun packaging the twines and strings as in the picture to the right (a "round wrap" placed in a ziploc baggie.)  Several ladies complained of "dents" in the twine/string where it wrapped around the card tag.  If you would like your twine/string on the card tag, please specify this when ordering. 
Colors:  (Top picture)
Really Rose
Key Lime
Simply Sage
Purely Pumpkin
Tangy Tangerine
Nautical Navy
Copper Frost
Only Orchid
  click on picture for larger image
Colors: (2nd Picture)
Strawberry Red
Always Aqua
Blue Ballet
Baby Blue
Classy Black
Pretty Plum
Dusty Rose
Luscious Lemon
Chocolate Chip
New color:  Tempting Teal (pictured in the round wrap at the top of the page.)
New color:  Purple Pansy (not pictured)

Pkg of 5 yards - $0.60
Pkg of 10 yds. - $1.00
Pkg of 20 yds. - $1.70

Baker's Metallic Twine (Also check our Metallic Dream String listed under Cords or Twines.)
This twine is a thinner twine with a metallic thread twisted in. The thinner twine is easier to thread through buttonholes.
Tip:  To thread through a buttonhole, use a thin embroidery needle.  Then it's easy to use either a single or double strand on your project.

Golden Sand sold out
Silver Ice
Spun Sugar sold out
Midnight Silver
Grecian Gold
Note:  All Metallic Baker's Twine is being discontinued.  Limited quantities available.

Pkg of 5 yards - $0.75
Pkg of 10 yards - $1.20


Metallic Dream String in 12 colors!

Package of 5 yards - $0.60
Package of 10 yards - $1.00 

Dream String is new to the cardmaking and scrapbooking world.  It is a super shiny string that will add so much to your projects.   All of these new colors will be available in the thinner Dream String.
There are 3 sizes (thickness) of string... #5, #6, & #12 string.  The #5 string is slightly thinner than the #6 string. 

#5 Colors available: Pastel Rose, Rosewood, Stable Straw, Lovable Lilac, Really Red, Only Olive, Burnished Brown, Basic Black, Bright Turquoise, Ocean Blue, Heavenly Blue, Cotton Candy, Beautiful Beige, Lemon Mist, Snowy White.

#6 Colors available:  Really Red, Regal Purple, Amazing Aqua, Grass Green, Cotton Candy, Pink Polish, Grand Fuchsia, Steel Blue, Silky Blue, Rich Cream, Mandarin Orange, Pale Gold, Bold Burgundy.

 #9 Cotton Candy (this is also available in #6)

#12 is a thick string: Chocolate Latte. 

Tropical                                       Gorgeous
Orchid                                             Grape                                              
Pale                                                 Snowy
Gold                                                 White
Not Shown:  Bold Burgundy

Package of 5 yards - $0.60
Package of 10 yards - $1.00
All 3 sizes (thickness) of string are the same price.

Note:  Because this string is so shiny, it tends to be a bit slippery.  If you have trouble making a tight knot on your bows, simply add a DROP of Glossy Accents, Crystal Effects, or any thin clear glue to the knot.  When dry, your bow will stay just the way you want it.

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Vicki said...

Judy this is beautiful...and I believe you about how soft it is! What I got in my order today was the Bakers Luster Twine in solid colors and I am amazed at how soft it is! Can't wait to use it...will be awesome on spring cards!